Greeting from The Principal

Tokyo Chiyoda Japanese Language School
Hidenori Fujikura (Principal)

“Everyone who wishes to study in Japan”, our school is located in central Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo. Many international students from this school are studying very hard every day for going to universities and vocational schools, for employment and for Specific Skills Work. We support and give proper guidance to each international student so that he or she can choose the desired course.

In addition, not only acquisition of Japanese language, but also our teaching staff is working hard with the hope to deepen student’s interest in Japan through interacting with many Japanese people, Cultural exchange and make them feel like they are in their second home.

I have one request for everyone. While studying at our school, I want you to have a goal first and then spend with the concentration you have never experienced before and the greed to absorb everything. The longest period of study is only 2 years. This is not just a fun place, probably also a turning point for you depending on how hard you can study here. You can decide whether you want to study at a higher school or find a job.

Please do your best and I’m looking forward to meet you. Let’s take a new step together to fulfill a big dream.

Best wishes”